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Youth Fitness Program

Ages 6-14

This program will guide kids to exercise optimally and build a great foundation for their health and physical attributes. Students can save time accessing our library full of fitness guides in the comfort of their home using desktop or mobile devices. We provide a range of exercises with additional learning to further increase their knowledge of growth development. They will learn about muscle strength, flexibility, form, and much more. The best part is that students earn REAL prizes for doing these activities. These prizes can be selected and shipped straight to your door. Every student will have their own personal dashboard, online trainer, and fitness blueprint.

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Teach them now, and they will use this for the rest of their life.

What's In The Youth Program?

HIIT Workout

SAQ Training

Core Training





Foundation Training

Bodyweight Training





Ergonomic Training

Balance Training

Resistance Training

What Are The Benefits?

Direct Benefits

Increased Strength

Longer Endurance

Expanded Flexibilty

Growth Increase

Enhanced Coordination

Lower Body Fat

Long Term Benefits

Increased Life Span

Higher Quality Of Life

Lowers Stress/Tantrums

Improved Cognitive Function

Enhanced Physical Asthetics

Expanded Health Autonomy

Video Samples

Here's a few of many videos we have available for students to learn and exercise!

Full Exercise Session

Fun Exercise Games!

Fitness Motivation Video

Full Exercise Session

Youth Fitness Library

The library has a large selection of content for your kids to begin their fitness journey.

Youth Fitness


Muscle Anatomy

It's important to locate muscles and learn how they operate. Kids will be able to understand how to exercise properly once they learn how the body works!

Fitness Definitions

The fitness industry has its technical terms and buzzwords that may seem confusing at a glance. We make sure to cover as many definitions that will help kids advance in their training.

Exercise Video Tutorials

There's hundreds of exercises out there in the world, and it may seem scary for those that are being introduced to fitness. Our dictionary provides clear instructions on how to perform correctly.

Online Fitness Sessions

Let us guide your kids in the right direction with the proper planning, education, and motivation.

Our Model

Free Introductory Offer

1-on-1 Online Calls

Personalized Fitness Blueprint

Customized Workout Plans

Solve Personal Challenges

Your objectives will be designed to complete goals through our fitness blueprints! 🔽

BMI Tracker

Make sure your child is on the right side of their health with our state of the art BMI-to-Age tracker!

When Should The Program Be Used?

Best Options:

After Homework

After your child has completed their school assignments, it's best to exercise using our program to relieve the mental overload of school work and to keep the body active!

Between Inactivity

Children need one hour of moderate to vigorous intensity each day to meet the daily physical activity requirement. Our program will take care of that for you. If your child has been inactive for a few hours, then it's time to get them moving!

Before Bedtime

A great exercise will help children go to sleep easier in order to fully restore energy and increase growth in their sleep by restoration. If you're child has problems falling asleep, then using our program will fix the problem.


There is no wrong answer about timing your exercises. The most important part is to get your child's daily recommended physical activity accomplished!

Shopping Center

Your kids can earn FREE prizes for exercizing, studying, and completing achievements! All prizes are shipped straight to your door.

Progression System

There are 20 levels to progress through. Which requires effort to exercise and study!

Your kids can level up and unlock cool cosmetics for their account

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