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Youth Fitness Program

Ages 6-18

Parents, do you want your kids to get in shape? YFN Academy is the perfect solution for you and your children. We provide a range of exercises that are fun and educational, all while rewarding students with REAL prizes. With our program, your kids will learn about muscle strength, flexibility, form, and so much more. They’ll also be able to access our library full of fitness guides from the comfort of their own home. And best of all, they’ll be getting in shape at the same time! Sign up for YFN Academy today and get started on the path to a healthier lifestyle for your kids, and the whole family!

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Teach them now, and they will use this for the rest of their life.

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What’s in the Program?

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HIIT Workout

SAQ Training

Core Training





Foundation Training

Bodyweight Training





Ergonomic Training

Balance Training

Resistance Training

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What Are the Benefits?

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Direct Benefits

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Increased Strength

Your kids will become stronger individuals at an earlier age. Allow them to defend themselves from bullies!

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Longer Endurance

Your kids will have more energy throughout the day! They will no longer feel fatigued or grougy.

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Expanded Flexibilty

Your kids will have more range of motion which can allow them to move more freely without causeing injuries.

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Growth Increase

Your kids will have an advantage growing older as they continue to build skills that can make them taller and athletic.

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Enhanced Coordination

Your kids improved balancing, hand-eye coordination, and reaction timing will help outcompete others in sports.

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Lower Body Fat

Your kids will lose the added fat from our life changing program.

Long Term Benefits

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Increased Life Span

Your kids will grow to become healthy adults throughout their life form our fitness education.

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Higher Quality Of Life

Your kids will be more confident, become more resistant to diseases, and freer to be physically active.

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Lowers Stress/Tantrums

Your kids will exercise their stress away through our challenging, yet fulfilling workout and meditation sessions.

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Improved Cognitive Function

Your kid's increased in blood flow will engage their brains further! This will help boost school grades in all studies!

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Enhanced Physical Asthetics

Your kids will be leaner, and more engaged. Which can result to becoming more charming from their peers.

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Expanded Health Autonomy

Your kids will have more capabilities to achieve whatever they want.

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What Videos Do You have?

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We have a library that has a large selection of content for your kids to begin their fitness journey.

YFN Academy fitness library screenshotfitness library screenshot
fitness video agility arrow screenshotred light green light fitness video screenshotdumbell fitness video screenshotsspin the wheel fitness video screenshot
fitness video page screenshot

Fitness Videos Trailer

Here's a few of many videos we have available for students to learn and exercise!

Full Exercise

Full Exercise

Fun Exercise Game

Interactive Exercise

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How Will My Kids Learn?

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We have a dictionary that will guide students to learn and apply valuable health information.


Muscle Anatomy

It's important to locate muscles and learn how they operate. Kids will be able to understand how to exercise properly once they learn how the body works!

stick figure human anatomy ring icon

Fitness Definitions

The fitness industry has its technical terms and buzzwords that may seem confusing at a glance. We make sure to cover as many definitions that will help kids advance in their training.

book analyze magnifying glass

Exercise Video Tutorials

There's hundreds of exercises out there in the world, and it may seem scary for those that are being introduced to fitness. Our dictionary provides clear instructions on how to perform correctly.

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fitness dictionary screenshotfitness genre dictionary screnshotfitness terms dictionary screenshotdictionary sports screenshot
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What If My Child Needs Guidance?

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Let us guide your kids in the right direction with the proper planning, education, and motivation.

Our Model

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Free Introductory Offer

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1-on-1 Online Calls

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Personalized Fitness Framework

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Ensure Accountability

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Solve Personal Challenges

anton and ivan
YFN Academy Online training dashboard screenshotpersonal training sketch icon

Your objectives will be designed to complete goals through our fitness blueprints! 🔽

objectives dashboard screenshotYFN Academy objectives dashboard screenshotobjectives dashboard skills example screenshot
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How Can I Track My Child's Health?

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We have health charts to track your child's health with our modern BMI-to-Age tracker.

YFN Academy BMI assessment dashboard screenshotasessments kids age-to-bmi screenshotasessments weight screenshot
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When Should The Program Be Used?

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Best Options:

After Homework

After your child has completed their school assignments, it's best to exercise using our program to relieve the mental overload of school work and to keep the body active!

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Between Inactivity

Children need one hour of moderate to vigorous intensity each day to meet the daily physical activity requirement. Our program will take care of that for you. If your child has been inactive for a few hours, then it's time to get them moving!

stick figure working out on the sofa

Before Bedtime

A great exercise will help children go to sleep easier in order to fully restore energy and increase growth in their sleep by restoration. If you're child has problems falling asleep, then using our program will fix the problem.

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There is no wrong answer about timing your exercises. The most important part is to get your child's daily recommended physical activity accomplished!

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Can My Child Earn Rewards?

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Your kids can earn real prizes for exercising, studying, and completing achievements! All prizes are shipped straight to your door.

shopping center mini prizes screenshotshopping center medium prizes screenshotshopping center mega prizes screenshot
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Can I View My Child's Progress?

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There are 20 levels to progress through. Which requires effort to exercise and study!

ranks list screenshot

Your kids can level up and unlock cool cosmetics for their account.

student rank dashboard unlocks screenshotscosmetic avatar selection screenshotwallpaper dashboard screenshot
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How Will My Kids Know If They're Doing Well?

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Reward your kids through fulfilling achievements! Each completion will give rewards for their success.

YFN Academy achievements dashboard screenshotachievements list icon


When kids continue to grow overtime, they will develop control and balance through activities. During their childhood timeline, they can start their fitness journey to as early as 6 years old with supervision. This includes intermediate levels of strength training, yoga, and more. Make sure your child is mature enough to follow directions and able to practice proper technique and form.

It's ideal for kids to stay physically active for 60 minutes each day. This can be done in one session or separate into smaller sessions throughout the day.

Set a schedule for your kids to follow the same way kids have a schedule to go to school or need to brush their teeth. Exercise is no different when it comes to telling kids to do their homework. Make sure to let them know that doing their daily regiment from our program will get them closer to earning real prizes from our student shopping center. On top of that, educating them about the importance of fitness alone can get them closer to workout.

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We guarantee a 7 day free trial for you to try before you buy!

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