Client Update Notes

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Client Update 0.7

September 24th, 2022

- Updated quiz descriptions in the Accelerated Learning- Added more content to fitness terms
- Added 30 more quizzes to the Accelerated Learning
- Completed testing for sports quiz category
- Updated Youth Fitness Program Sales Page
- Added video samples and media
- Added more previews to the program
- Made changes and revisions
- Implemented “Wallpapers” feature to client dashboard
- Added 62 wallpapers to unlock
- Created member tour page
- Included all 7 video tutorials for the member dashboard and features
- Optimized leaderboards
- Optimized sales page
- Improvised assessment measurements form
- Optimized assessments submission button
- Refurbished Main Page
- Optimized Setup Account Section
- Added more links on the red option bar for quicker navigation

Client Update 0.6

July 23rd, 2022

- Optimized the Overview and Accelerated Learning on all mobile devices
- Optimized the Youth Fitness Dictionary on all mobile devices
- Added 3 more videos to Youth Fitness Library
- Added 2 new fitness terms in the Youth Fitness Dictionary
- Added 13 sports quizzes to Accelerated Learning
- Made 7 Video tutorials about the client's dashboard
- Fully Implemented the Student Shopping Center
- Optimized the panels in the client's dashboard to improve user experience
- Improved Objectives section in mobile to improve user experience
- Improved Student Leaderboards charts
- Optimized Student Leaderboards on all mobile devices
- Added Exams category to Accelerated Learning

Client Update 0.5

June 28th, 2022

- Added "Academy News" to the overview section of the Dashboard
- Added Client Update Notes Webpage
- Added 2 more videos to Youth Fitness Library
- Implemented Accelerated Learning
- Added 8 new achievements related to Accelerated Learning
- Made quality of life improvements