Red Light Green Light Exercise


Ivan Koretskyy

Age Recommendation


Video Duration

7 Minutes

Calories Burned



Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training














Body Focus

Full Body


Level 5

XP Boost


Muscles Activated

Front of Stomach

Edge of Shoulder

Behind the Lower Leg

Rear end

Behind the Leg

Front of Leg





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Join along with the game of Red Light Green Light! This is where you have to follow the actions on screen by doing these four things: jogging, jumping, crawling and swimming. You will need to keep your eyes sharp. The lights will tell you when to go by turning green. If it turns red, you freeze! It is a lot harder than it looks. Take this challenge with me!

Workout Summary

- Jogging - Jumping - Crawling - Swimming (Arm Circles)

Trainer Bio

Ivan made the idea of YFNA come to life. His life is revolved around fitness and nutrition since he was six years old and never stopped since. Starting from being a competitive soccer player in his youth to transitioning to a fitness trainer, he has made an extraordinary life out of himself and wants to share his expertise with other kids out there so they too can get a good head start in health wellness.


Unlock these rewards after completing the video!



How To
Challenge Yourself

If the exercises in the video are not making you sweat enough, you can become an overachiever by working harder. You can do some of the following to challenge yourself:

- Faster Repetition
- Add Weights
- More Bodyweight Resistance

How To
Slow Down

You are able to go at your own pace if the exercises are too challenging for you. You don't want to overwork yourself because it can possibly lead to any injury if done the improperly. You can do some of the following to still follow along safely:

- Slower Repetition
- Remove Weights
- Longer Breaks

How To
Prevent Injury

There will be new exercises that you will new to you. Your body will react to new things that may seem challenging (This is a good thing). Make sure to have your body stretched on muscles that will be activated. Do stretches before and after your exercises! We stretch before to be more flexible for our muscles to perform full range exercises, and we stretch after to prevent soreness!

How To
Exercise Correctly

Many people have the reasonable fear about doing the exercise incorrectly. This is because people don't have the education to know what they are doing. The main concepts to think about when performing the exercise is to ask yourself this:

1) What movement will cause certain muscles to contract and stretch?
2) What is the maximum range of motion I can perform?
3) Do I feel the targeted muscles being activated?
4) What is the correct posture when I perform the exercise?

How To
Exercise For Fun!

We all can get to a certain point that exercising can get stale. Some ways to add more grooves with your moves can be the following:

- Listen to your favorite music
- Bring friends and family along
- Try new exercises
- Set personal goals
- Challange yourself

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