Frequently Asked Questions

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What is YFN Academy?

YFN Academy stands for "Youth Fitness and Nutrition Academy." We are an online-based academy that focuses on children's health wellness, nutritional motivation, and physical literacy. The idea of this academy was formed due to the limited—or lack of—education for children's health via fitness and nutrition. If you want to learn more about YFN Academy then check out our About Us page.

What is the company's future plans?

While we are currently developing our Youth Fitness Program, we have future plans to create the Youth Nutrition Program and bundle the two programs together. Depending on our success, we will create curriculums that are more educational and entertainment focused for healthwellness, fitness, and nutrition. Our main focus is to continue improving our program as we go.

How will YFN Academy make my kids motivated?

We have a student shopping center that students can earn free rewards only through exercising, studying, and achieving. We also have a progression system for students to unlock digital cosmetics to select their avatar, wallpaper, and slogan. This is our incentive for students to be active in our program.

How do students earn prizes?

The revenue made from sales goes into the the student shopping center. Kids can earn the Academy’s currency called “YFN Coin” by studying and exercising. They can use YFN coin to purchase whatever they want in the store.

How do you 'teach' children about nutrition without promoting diet culture?

The nutrition program will educate students about proteins, sugars, fats, etc. it’s important for people to be aware of what goes inside their body. This program doesn’t promote diet culture. we are promoting healthy physical well being rather than physical aesthetics. To promote physical health, you need to be aware of the contents inside the food.

Is there a physical location?

We are entirely online-based and have no physical location.

What are the Academy's credentials?

The founder of the Academy, Ivan Koretskyy, is a certified ASFA youth fitness trainer, NASM nutrition coach, and NASM personal trainer, backed with 7 years of weight lifting, callisthenic, and nutrition practice. There are additional staff that also have experience in sports, fitness, health, and nutrition.

Do I need to watch my kids when they are using the services?

No, you don't, but it is recommended. While we understand that there are always things that need to be done, we want to inform parents as well as our students. After all, their health and education starts with you.

Where can I sign up?

You can subscribe to our news letter to be notified when the full program is released and students can create their accounts. Sign up here.