It's no secret that kids love playing in the snow, but did you know that there are a lot of creative ways to enjoy winter snow activities? From making snow angels and ice sculptures, to going on winter scavenger hunts, the possibilities are endless. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Play in the snowdrift

It's a snowy day and the kids are stuck inside. But that doesn't mean they can't have some fun. Instead of letting them veg out in front of the TV, why not encourage them to head outside and play in the snow? Not only is it a great way for them to burn off some energy, but it's also a great way for them to stay fit and active. And who knows, they might just learn something along the way. After all, there's no better way to learn about science than by getting out there and experiencing it firsthand. So go ahead, bundle up, and head out into the snow. Your kids will thank you for it.

Make snow angels

Making snow angels is a great way to have some winter fun and stay fit at the same time. It's also a great activity for kids, as it helps them to burn off some energy and stay active. Plus, it's a great way to teach kids about how to take care of the environment. According to a study by the University of Georgia, making snow angels is good for the environment. The study found that when people make snow angels, they actually help to improve the quality of the snow by removing pollutants and dirt particles. When making snow angels, be sure to use only fresh, clean snow. Avoid using snow that has been packed down by people or vehicles, as this can damage the ecosystem. Once you've found the perfect spot, simply lie down in the snow and move your arms and legs up and down to create your angel. After you're done, stand up and admire your work!

Make ice sculptures

Making ice sculptures is a great way to have fun with the kids while getting some exercise. It's also a great way to teach kids about science and art. To make an ice sculpture, you'll need some tools and supplies. First, you'll need a large block of ice. You can buy one at a local grocery store, or you can make your own by freezing water in a plastic container. Next, you'll need a saw or an ice pick to carve the ice. Finally, you'll need some food coloring or paint to decorate your sculpture. Once you have your supplies, it's time to get started! First, sketch out your design on a piece of paper. Then, use your saw or ice pick to carve the ice into the shape of your design. Be careful not to harm yourself or the ice. Finally, add some color to your sculpture with food coloring or paint. And that's it! You've now made your very own ice sculpture.

Take a winter hike

One of the best ways to enjoy the winter season is to get outside and take a hike. It's a great way to get the kids (or grandkids) off of the couch and moving, and it's also a great way to stay fit and active yourself. Winter hikes can be educational as well, teaching kids about the different plants and animals that are active in the winter months. And of course, there's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from reaching the top of a snowy hill. So bundle up, strap on your hiking boots, and hit the trails this winter!

Staying safe on your hike

Here are a few tips to make sure you have a fun and safe experience:

Dress in layers. This will help you regulate your body temperature as you heat up from walking. Wear sturdy boots. Ice and snow can make trails slippery, so it's important to wear shoes that will provide good traction. Bring plenty of water. You'll want to stay hydrated, especially if it's cold out. Pack a snack. A little energy boost can go a long way when you're hiking. Be aware of your surroundings. Take note of where you are on the trail and be alert for changes in the weather or terrain. With a little preparation, winter hiking can be a great way to get outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Go on a winter scavenger hunt

Looking for a fun, family-friendly way to stay fit and active this winter? Why not go on a winter scavenger hunt? kids will love searching for items like pinecones, acorns, berries, and leaves, and you can even teach them a thing or two about nature along the way. Not to mention, it's a great way to beat the winter blues. So put on your coats and gloves, and head outside for some winter fun!

Go skiing

Skiing is not only a great way to have fun, but it's also a great way to stay fit and active. And it's not just for adults - kids can enjoy skiing, too. Skiing is a great family activity, and it's also an excellent way to teach kids about responsibility and safety. Not only that, but skiing can also be a great motivational tool. Once you learn how to ski, you'll want to keep practicing so you can become better and better at it. And as you progress, you'll also be able to take on more challenging slopes. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start skiing!

Eat snow (It's healthy for you)

Do you love the snow? Do you want to know one of the best things you can do with it? Eat it! That's right, eating snow is actually healthy for you. Snow is made up of mostly water, and we all know how important it is to stay hydrated. According to a study by the University of Innsbruck, "snow ingestion has a high water intake effect and is a healthy way to increase fluid intake." Eating snow is a great way to keep your body fit and active, especially during the winter months. And it's not just good for your body - eating snow can also be a lot of fun! Just make sure that you only eat clean, fresh snow from areas that haven't been polluted. So next time it snows, go ahead and enjoy a cold, refreshing snack - your body will thank you for it!


Bundling up and heading outside to frolic in the snow is one of the best parts about wintertime. And it’s not just for kids – even adults can appreciate a good winter hike or making a snow angel. If you want to get the most out of your winter fun, consider signing up for YFN Academy today. Not only will you learn more about how to stay healthy during the colder months, but you’ll also be motivated to get outside and enjoy all that winter has to offer with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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