As a parent, it can often feel like an uphill struggle to get your picky eater to consume breakfast - let alone consume something nutritious! You’re probably familiar with the common phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but for kids who lack appetite or seem uninterested in mealtimes this may not always be true. But don't worry; we are here to help make sure that your picky eater starts off their morning with a healthy and fulfilling breakfast. In this post, you'll find tips on increasing nutrition in breakfast foods so you can choose options packed full of nutrients while still appealing to even the pickiest of palates. We want to ensure that every family has access to some simple solutions when it comes providing delicious and nutritious meals no matter what time of day it is. So read on for our helpful tips on making sure your kid's (and yours!) first meal sets them up for success!

Introducing Healthy Swaps

Breakfast is an important part of the day, so why not make sure it’s a nutritious one? If you have picky eaters, you can still make sure they’re getting the nutritional boost they need first thing in the morning. A good starting point is working with their favorite breakfast dishes and making some small swaps for healthier ingredients. For example, try adding shredded zucchini to pancakes or French toast; adding spinach to a breakfast burrito; or using whole-grain bread instead of white bread for toast. Not only will these swaps give their meal a nutritional boost, but you may even find that your picky eater likes them as much - if not more - than the originals! Here are some more ways you can swap out your child's food for some healthier alternatives.

Turn Breakfast into a Fun Activity

Breakfast time can be more than just dinnertime leftovers! When it comes to getting picky eaters to try new nutrition-packed meals, getting the family involved can be an awesome way of turning breakfast time into a fun activity. From involving kids in grocery shopping, to letting the little ones help out with egg cracking and vegetable cutting before meal prepping your breakfasts for the week together, to making crazy smoothie combinations with everyone having a go at taste-testing them - even the pickiest of eaters end up enjoying some healthy morning meals! Making breakfast creative and interactive not only helps picky eaters enjoy a nutritious meal but also teaches kids important life skills - plus, it's always more enjoyable when done with family. For a list of fun breakfast ideas, click here.

Incorporate Superfoods

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day - so why not make it super by adding some delicious and nourishing superfoods? Start by incorporating oatmeal, a nutritious go-to breakfast food packed with protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients. Quinoa is another great option that offers plenty of protein, plus a host of vitamins and minerals. To top it off, try to include chia seeds - they are bursting with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, and dietary fiber. Finally, don’t forget about berries like blueberries or raspberries – a superfood full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that can sweeten things up in a healthy way! With these ingredients you have the fuel you need for successful mornings – give them a try today! Here is a list of superfood recipes to try with your kids.

Make it Colorful

Adding color to a plate of breakfast food can do wonders for picky eaters! Vibrant fruits and vegetables add flavor, nutrition, and visual appeal. Make a rainbow out of papaya, raspberries, oranges, honeydews, and blueberries. Put colorful strips of bell pepper in hardboiled eggs or shred carrots into omelets and frittatas. Serve toast with cheese and avocado slices, or top French toast with sliced strawberries. These sunny touches will not only stimulate their appetites but also inspire your picky eaters to enjoy nutritious meals!

Be Creative

Keeping picky eaters interested in breakfast foods can be a challenge but with a bit of creativity, you can easily add lots of nutrition to their meals! Instead of always making pancakes in the standard round shape, why not try making them heart-shaped or star-shaped? You could also use different moulds to make shapes like animals, flowers or numbers - anything your kids are interested in. Not only do the adorable shapes make meals more interesting, but you can also top them off with nutritious fruits and yogurts for an added bonus. With just a small tweak like this to your family breakfast routine, you can create an enjoyable and nutritious meal that will start the morning off right!

Add Variety

Keep the mornings delicious and nutritious by adding variety to your breakfast routine. By introducing new flavors, colors, and textures to each meal, picky eaters will be excited rather than turned off by their morning food. Also keep in mind that experimenting with different foods within the same type of meal can lead to exciting recipes as well. For example, if your family is used to having cereal as breakfast, you could provide products with a range of flavors like fruity mixed berry or tingly cinnamon and oat. If you prefer savory breakfasts, you can mix up what gets served by alternating between different types of eggs or even trying breakfast casseroles! With a bit of creativity, you can easily rotate meals so there's something new for everyone on any day of the week!


Breakfast is often the most important meal of the day, and a great source of nutrition for children. The key to getting picky eaters to try more healthy options at breakfast is to make it fun and engaging. Incorporate foods full of good-for-you nutrients like oatmeal and quinoa, and make meals look appetizing by adding lots of interesting shapes, sizes, and colors. By introducing swaps like whole-grain breads, vegetables, or superfoods in place of processed or sugary foods that kids might not normally try you can make it easier for picky eaters to get their recommended nutrition intake. And don’t forget to switch up their favorite breakfast items with some occasional surprise twists they’ll love! Get creative, have fun and try something new with your family every morning! Don’t miss out on all the nutrition breakfasts have to offer; use these tips as a starting point as you explore breakfast options together - who knows, you might even find some new favorites! If you would like to learn more about health and fitness for your kids join our YFN academy today for all the tools and resources you need.


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