Update 0.8 Notes

  • Implemented Article Center including articles
  • Created 13 article posts including tips, tutorials, and academy announcements.
  • Updated text font, font size, and color to optimize for articles
  • Added 8 new avatars
  • Added 10 new wallpapers
  • Added 25 new fitness videos to the fitness library
  • Added 40 new quizzes
  • Added 2 new lessons in the fitness dictionary
  • Optimized fitness library loading time
  • Added sorting in the fitness library
  • Updated front page of YFN Academy
  • Updated video quality and production in the fitness videos
  • Added new fitness games to the fitness library such as spin the wheel, hide and seek, and arrow agility
  • Updated the recording studio background
  • Updated about us page
  • Updated the Academy news in overview dashboard
  • Updated the unlockable section in the student progress dashboard
  • Renamed student progression tab to *STUDENT'S NAME* rank (i.e Jonathon's Rank)
  • Added sitemap to the website
  • Added quality of life improvements
New "Sort" Feature
Implemented Articles
Fitness Video Version 1.0
Fitness Video Version 2.0
Fitness Video Version 3.0

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