Update 0.9 Notes

  • Updated login page
  • Updated payment processing with stripe
  • Added social logins to login page. Members can now login either through Google or Facebook with a click of a few buttons.
  • Implemented free trial mode. Member will be able to try a free sample of the program before they make a purchasing decision.
  • Fully implemented 100% of quizzes and exams.
  • Refurbished the password reset in dashboard and site
  • Added 12 new fitness videos (54 total)
  • Added member’s customized wallpapers to these pages: Youth Fitness Program, Youth Fitness Dictionary, Shopping Center, Learning Assessment, and Leaderboards
  • Optimized achievements back end
  • Added a new achievement (40 total)
  • Optimized create account back end
  • Optimized member’s billing setting for easier payment processes or changes
  • Fixed quiz and exam link redirects
  • Optimized shopping center back end
  • Optimized member profile update settings
  • Redesigned the program tour page
  • Added program tour button to members top bar
  • Rearranged side menu layout
  • Optimized fitness videos back-end
  • Optimized quizzes and exams back end
  • Added “Exercise Streaks” feature: Student’s who exercise without missing a day will get a boost in rewards
  • Redesigned the reward's display info in the fitness videos
American Flag (Custom Wallpaper) Display
Updated Dashboard Overview with Custom Wallpaper
Fitness Video Reward's Redesign
Reward Boost Animation
Free Trial Video Samples

The progress of our fitness program is getting better and better as we continue to add more content and features. We are excited to release it at its full state when we get it to 1.0. Our fitness program has come a long way since we first started development, and we are constantly adding new content and features to make it even better. We are committed to making our fitness program the best that it can be, and we believe that our users will appreciate all the hard work that we have put into it. Thanks for being a part of our community, and we look forward to continuing to improve our fitness program together!

Planned Features

  • Skill progression tracker
  • Muscle progression & diagram tracker
  • Additional Achievements from the skill progression tracker
  • Additional Wallpapers
  • Additional Avatars

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YFN Academy provides kids with the opportunity to learn about and experience fitness in a fun and supportive environment. With experienced and certified instructors, kids will be able to improve their physical health while also gaining confidence and developing important life skills. Sign up today and give your kids the chance to reach their full potential!