As parents, we want our children to be healthy and happy. Exercise is a great way to promote both of these things. But getting young people to exercise can be difficult. Here are some strategies for effective exercise promotion in young people. With a little effort, you can get your whole family moving and improve your health together!

Start with short bursts of activity and gradually increase the duration

Starting with short bursts of activity can be a great way to get your family moving and inspired. Even for us grown-ups, short intense activities are a great way to boost our energy and get into shape. They can also easily fit into our daily lives between tasks and errands. The National Library of Medicine found that the training intensity should be designed to match recovery rate and minimize stress. Training with gradually increased intensity can produce significantly better motor function rehabilitation compared to stably low and high training intensity.You could start with a simple 15 minute jog or walk around the neighborhood, followed by some push-ups or planks for the bodyweight exercises lovers. Once you have gotten used to this round of 15 minutes, then increase it to half an hour! It’s important we don’t overly exhaust ourselves going too hard too soon as this could cause injury or turn people off from physical activity altogether. Gradually increasing the duration allows our bodies to adjust safely to regular exercise and gives us time to really enjoy it along the way!

Incorporate exercise into everyday activities

Incorporating exercise into everyday activities like walking the dog or playing tag with your family is a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time. Taking regular walks with your pup brings opportunity for bonding, exploring the neighborhood, and getting some exercise too! Playing tag is highly physical and encourages being active; not just running around either, but good old fashioned jumping, dodging, and skipping - something they'll remember whenever they play it again. With populations on the rise, we all need to incorporate more physical activity into our daily routines in order to maintain healthy body weights. It's important to remember that exercising doesn't need to mean punishing yourself or taking up a new club; rather it can be small adjustments like taking extra steps during the day or playing tag in the backyard. Invite friends and family to join you on your journey towards better capabilities of movement! For more fun everyday exercise activities, click here.

Make it a family affair by involving parents and siblings in physical activity

Encouraging a family affair with physical activity is an amazing way to make sure every member of the family is getting the most out of their exercise and ensuring that everyone is being active. From jogging with mom, playing catch with dad, dancing with siblings, or going on a bike ride as a family, there are endless possibilities for everyone when it comes to staying active. Not only does this create closer relationships with members of your family while you all have fun together, but it also helps each person maintain healthy physical habits which will benefit them far into adulthood. Additionally, participating in physical activities together as a family encourages learning by teaching younger children important skills such as balance, coordination and athletics all while having a great time together! Make it a family affair by incorporating physical activity in your everyday life - you won't regret making these moments special and spending time together! If want to learn more on how to be more involved in your child's fitness journey check out Action for Healthy Kids.

Create friendly competition among friends to see who can be more active

Creating friendly competition among friends to be more active can be a fun and inspiring way to get everyone into gear. When you have something concrete to work towards, it can motivate and excite you – and what better goal than becoming more active? Involve family, friends and even classmates if you are of school age - the larger pool of participants the bigger the challenge. Consider who is competitive and discuss how they’d like to measure their activity - this could include monitoring steps or miles traveled, or even trying different sports each week! There’s no better motivator than friendly competition done in a respectful, safe and healthy manner – though don’t forget that competition isn't about winning at all costs, as it's also important to remember that everyone is working for personal improvement! Ultimately, through your friendly competition amongst yourselves, you'll all benefit.

Use technology to your advantage by setting goals on fitness apps or joining online communities

Technology can be a powerful tool to motivate youth and help set everyday goals to reach their individual fitness levels. This can be done through the use of fitness apps that are designed to monitor activity, suggest diet changes, or challenge the youth with engaging tasks and rewards. But youth don't have to stop there - they can join online communities and connect with other youth who also have similar goals and objectives. These virtual community centers provide mutual accountability, real-time health tracking, information sharing, and helpful resources. It's never been easier for youth to take control of their health - creating long-term habits that will serve them throughout their lives! Here are some more fun apps and online resources for your children to get moving.

Remember that everyone is different – find what works best for you and stick with it!

It's important for youth to remember that everyone is different, and it's OK to express personal uniqueness no matter who you are or where you come from. Don't let anyone tell you what works best for them should also be the best for you – in the end it's all about discovering your own path and being comfortable with it. Find what works best for you and, more importantly, stick with it! The confidence gained from staying true to yourself can help youth navigate life through difficult times. Remind youth of this more often so they may one day grow into happy and successful individuals who are not afraid to explore their diverse ideas and perspectives.


There are many benefits to increasing physical activity in kids, from improving mental health and grades to reducing the risk of obesity and disease later in life. You can help your child be more active by starting with short bursts of activity and gradually increasing the duration, incorporating exercise into everyday activities, making it a family affair, involving friends, or using technology to your advantage. Remember that everyone is different – find what works best for you and stick with it! If you’re looking for more tips on how to get your kids moving, join YFN academy today!


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