Getting your kid to exercise can be a challenge, but research has shown that children respond better to positive reinforcement than they do to negative reinforcement. If you're thinking about using rewards to get your kid moving, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Reward Them!

When it comes to rewards, less is more. If you're using rewards for multiple things, your child may start to expect them for, well, everything. This can overwhelm the child — and it can be exhausting for the parent to try to maintain. So if you're going to use rewards, make sure they're special and reserved for when your child really goes above and beyond.

Also, keep in mind that rewards should be given intermittently. If your child is reaching for a reward long after she has mastered the task, the reward has lost its effect. To prevent this, make the reward harder to obtain as your child makes progress. Start with something small that they can easily achieve. Once they master that skill, up the ante. This will keep them motivated and prevent them from getting bored or feeling entitled.

Finally, make sure the reward is something your child actually wants. It should be something that will get them excited and engaged. Maybe it's a new toy or an outing to their favorite restaurant — whatever it is, make sure it's something they'll be eager to work for.


Rewards can be a great way to motivate your kid to exercise, but it's important to use them sparingly and wisely. Make sure the rewards are special and something your child actually wants — otherwise they'll quickly lose their effectiveness. And as your child masters each task, make the next reward harder to obtain so they stay motivated and engaged. With a little thoughtfulness, you can use rewards to get your kid moving and help them develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime! Physical activity has many benefits for children including improved cardiovascular health, stronger bones and muscles, and improved mental health. In addition, regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of developing obesity and chronic diseases such as heart disease later in life. So get out there and have some fun with your kids while keeping them active! And don't forget the rewards!


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