There are so many great things that can be accomplished when you have a computer. However, sometimes it's necessary to take a break from all the screen time. If you're looking for some fun ways to get your kids off the computer, we've got 10 great ideas for you! These activities are perfect for families who want to spend more quality time together and be productive at the same time. Let's get started!

Play tag or other active games outside

Getting your children outdoors to play tag and other active games can be a great way to boost physical activity and encourage family bonding. Not only is it a fun way to get the whole crew involved, but playing outside also has many educational benefits! Team sports like tag help kids practice problem solving, communication, and strategic thinking. Furthermore, running around in the fresh air often encourages creativity and helps with motor skills. It's especially important for younger children to establish good physical habits; active outdoor play can lead to increased endurance and lasting health implications. So if you're looking for a way to get your kids off their computers and get them connecting with each other and nature, playing some outdoor games can be just the thing!

Get them involved in a sport or activity that they enjoy

Encouraging your kids to get involved in a sport or activity that they enjoy is a great way to increase physical activity, foster collaboration skills and teach the importance of teamwork - all while having fun. It also builds self-esteem, which will pay long-term dividends! Signing up for activities like soccer, tennis and basketball are great ways to get them out of the house and away from the screen, while learning important life lessons. Plus it’s a fantastic excuse for bonding as a family; when they see you taking an interest and having fun with them doing the same thing, it boosts their confidence and strengthens relationships. To Learn more about signing your kids up for sports, click here.

Ride bikes together as a family

Riding bikes together as a family is an incredibly rewarding activity; not only will it bring your family closer, it's also educational and a great way to get some exercise! With proper preparation, cycling with kids can be a wonderful bonding experience that each family member enjoys. It provides the perfect opportunity for quality time together outdoors – no screens required. Before venturing out on your first ride, make sure you equip each family member with the necessary safety gear (helmets and pads if needed), as well as preparing snacks for along the way. Then set off on an adventure with your family, taking breaks in parks or scenic viewpoints whenever the opportunity strikes! The memories created from these unique bike rides are priceless and often last much longer than those of trips to theme parks or the movies. So explore your neighborhood - and beyond - together on bikes; it might just be one of the simplest, most gratifying ways to enjoy spending time with your favorite people!

Go for walks in the park and look for birds or other animals

Going for walks in the park and looking for birds or other animals can be a great bonding activity for families and friends. With just some binoculars, a bit of planning and patience you can explore the local wildlife right outside your doorstep. Not only is it a wonderful way to relax, but it also provides an opportunity to observe nature and learn more about our environment and the creatures who inhabit it. You never know what new species you might get to see with some luck, so why not seize this chance to connect with nature? Learning new facts about your feathered friends could even become a fun hobby; like identifying birds based on their call and behaviors. On top of that, being outdoors on wholesome strolls will reduce stress and make for quality time spent in a beautiful location which can become an unforgettable memory for years to come.

Have a picnic lunch in the backyard

Take a break from the monotony of everyday life and head out for an unimaginable backyard picnic lunch. Invite the family over, put on some upbeat music, lay down a quilt and bring out all the goodies. Kids of all ages would love to assemble their own sandwich platters, sweet drinks and loads of fruits, chips and treats. As everyone gathers together, it would be a great opportunity to create wonderful memories as you relish in conversation about the food and your day-to-day activities. Instead of sitting in front of computers all day long, have your kids join you outdoors spending quality time in nature developing creative ideas, conquering trivia games and experiencing first hand the convenience of technology while adding some educational value too. To top it all off paint some homemade bird feeders, fly kites or simply just bask in each other’s company while appreciating what Mother Nature has provided us. Having a picnic lunch in the backyard is an excellent way to help keep your children engaged away from the computer while still having fun!

Plant a garden together

Planting a garden together with your family is an enjoyable and memorable experience that can foster education and learning for your kids. Not only will they learn the basics of gardening and soil preparation, but they'll also gain valuable insight on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. It's an engaging activity that encourages teamwork, too: get everyone working together in the dirt to help water, weed, compost and harvest. Encourage each person in the family to choose one or two plants they can look after and watch grow throughout the season. Plus, planting a garden is an activity you can enjoy year-round - plan out winter vegetables in advance then plant in autumn when temperatures cool down again! You just need some basic supplies like shovels, trowels and watering cans for a great start. Planting a garden can also be very cheap if you source secondhand equipment from online classifieds or at local garage sales. By teaching your children how to cultivate a garden with fruits, vegetables or flowers from seedlings to blooming plants, you are instilling lifelong skills into them that go beyond the four walls of their bedroom!

Wash the car together

Washing the car together can be a great family activity that is both fun and practical. Not only will get you outside in the sunshine and will give your kids the chance to be creative, but washing the car also teaches children about being resourceful and responsible. Let your little ones choose their favorite color soaps and suds up the exterior of the car with enthusiasm and care. Older kids can even help with more involved tasks, such as wiping down wheels, cleaning headlights, and scrubbing windshields. Remember to reward all their hard work by treating them to some cool detailing accessories that everyone had a hand in picking out and applying after for an extra special touch! There’s no greater joy than watching your curious kids learn something new while building lasting memories washing hearts, hands, and cars alike

Find a hobby, such as painting, drawing, or building models

One way to get your kids away from the laptop or phone and engaging in something more rewarding is to introduce them to a hobby that can be done offline. Painting, drawing, and building models are all hobbies that can help encourage creativity, skills of coordination and fine motor control, and even the development of problem-solving abilities. Not only will these activities keep your kids entertained for hours at a time, but they come with the added bonus of giving parents quality time spent with their children. Spending time together bonding while painting a family gecko mural or building a model reenactment of Mount Rushmore can not only foster a sense of family joy but also help you as parents encourage positive characteristics such as confidence, resourcefulness, and resilience. So try investing in some paintbrushes, sketch pads, or model kits today and get those creative juices flowing!

Take them to places where they can explore and learn about the world around them

Exploring the world can be a great learning adventure for kids of all ages. Taking them to places where they can observe, touch and interact with the environment can spark an appreciation not only for natural beauty but also incite an inquisitive spirit in your kids. From trips to the beach or mountains, amusement parks, museums, or even a park down the street – every excursion is a chance to broaden their horizons. As parents and caregivers, we have an opportunity to instill in our children a sense of awe and wonder about their surroundings, so let’s get out there and explore! Here is a list places around the world you can travel with your kids!

Encourage them to read books, magazines, or comics that interest them

Encouraging your children to pick up a book can help broaden their horizons and provide invaluable educational enrichment. Reading is the perfect pastime for inspiring creativity and critical thinking, plus it’s great fun! Letting your kids explore stories that truly interest them will keep them coming back for more, while they learn in a nurturing way. Magazines and comics are great options too, providing opportunities to engage with topics they naturally gravitate towards. It might just be the most enjoyable way to get them off the computer yet! If you already have a great list of books for your kids, here are some fun comics that can interest your kids too!


By getting your kids off the computer, you're not only giving them a break from the digital world, but you're also teaching them valuable life skills. The next time your children are asking to play on their devices, try one of these ten ideas and see how much fun they have! You may even be surprised at how much they enjoy spending time with you away from screens. If you want to learn more about health and fitness for your kids, join YFN academy today!


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