As a parent, you want your child to not only excel in their chosen sport, but to also have fun while doing it. While some children are born 'athletic', others need a little extra help. If your child is passionate about basketball but lacks the skills to match their passion, don't worry! With a little practice and these easy exercises, your child will be playing like a pro in no time. So get out the ball and let's get started!

Dribbling - work on hand-eye coordination and speed

Dribbling is an essential basketball skill that kids of all ages can enjoy tinkering and perfecting! The goal of dribbling is to work on hand-eye coordination and speed - two important characteristics when playing basketball. It helps kids remain agile while keeping the ball close to their body and under control. Parents can gather up their kids in the backyard or at a local park and begin to break down the basics of dribbling for them. Start by having your kids practice running with the ball, switching between hands, redirecting the ball around cones, or changing direction without losing control of the ball. Positive reinforcement from family is also incredibly helpful in kids’ development. Clean verbal cues might include remarks like “you’re getting so fast!” or “you worked on your coordination there” which promotes a fun and friendly atmosphere during learning time! Kids will likely have a ton of fun learning about this crucial element of basketball - becoming even better each time they head back to practice it.

Shooting - practice makes perfect

Shooting can be a fun, family-friendly hobby that kids and adults alike can enjoy. From bows and arrows to shooting clays with a shotgun, there are so many different avenues to explore when it comes to mastering the art of shooting. Despite the challenge though, one thing remains true – practice makes perfect! Accurate shooting requires practice and repetition and kids should be encouraged to set realistic goals for themselves as they work on their shooting skills in order to stay motivated. A regular training schedule is key when it comes to developing improved accuracy; adding an element of fun into practice sessions – be it friendly competitions or games – will also help kids internalize and master the skills necessary for successful shooting. Ultimately, with enough determination paired with enjoyable and consistent practice sessions, kids will see their accuracy with any type of firearm drastically increase.

Passing - learn to control the ball and make accurate passes

Passing the ball is a critical part of basketball, whether it’s kids having fun in their driveway or pros on the court. The key to success with passing is to be able to control the ball while making accurate passes. At first, kids may feel intimidated by how quickly they need to react but with practice, they will soon gain confidence. Perhaps mimic some of their favorite players who are known for their exceptional passes - learn how and why they execute those passes and you can use them as role models in your own game. Secondly, practice! Play catch, run drills that focus on positional awareness and playing with both feet. And don’t forget that no matter what level you play at, communication with your teammates is paramount in planning out your passes ahead of time and executing them accurately when it's time for action on the court. Taking ownership of perfecting your passing game will give you an advantage every time you step onto the court - so go for it!

Rebounding - timing is everything

kids can have a lot of fun when playing a game of basketball, but as they get older, timing becomes more and more important in order to make sure that kids continue to enjoy the sport. Timing is everything when it comes to rebounding in basketball. Studies show that kids who are successful at rebounding typically excel at reading shots, anticipating blocks and boards from their opponents, and making quick decisions about where to position themselves on the court before shots go up in the air. With all these things happening around them, kids need to be able to understand the impacts of certain situations such as changes in direction, height, speed or even ball spin. These are small details that kids must consider quickly if they want to maintain their level of play - good timing is key here! But what do kids have to do? They must practice timing drills on a regular basis and learn how different players react in certain situations so they can expect those reactions the next time they take their shot or go for a rebound. Of course timing may never be perfect all the time, but kids should look out for cues such as defense formations or offensive strategies that might give insight into upcoming plays. Ultimately only kids who remain focused and develop proper techniques will master this skill!

Footwork - proper footwork will make you quicker on the court

Proper footwork is the foundation to success on the court! Recent studies have found that athletes with proper footwork are more likely to be successful on the court. Specifically, athletes who practice good footwork techniques have been shown to move faster, react quicker, and perform better than those who don't focus on their footwork. No matter what game you’re playing, kids and adults alike can benefit from having great footwork. It helps kids develop better motor skills, agility, and coordination as they learn how to move quickly without tiring out too fast. Good footwork also increases kids’ speed which is key in many sports because it puts kids one step ahead of their opponents. Proper technique really pays off when kids know where they should be moving according to the current situation on the court. Having strong footwork will make kids quicker both offensively and defensively. What's more, kids can show off their fancy footwork by breaking away for a cleaner shot or swiping for a steal much easier if they have their feet planted already! With proper practice and dedication, kids can gain confidence in their own movement skills with faster reactions coming naturally!


As a parent, it is important to help your child develop the basketball skills necessary for success. Whether it be mastering the dribble, crack shooting, pinpoint passing, amazing rebounding or honing their footwork; these five tips can help optimize your child's development in all aspects of the game. Not only can skill development give more confidence and enthusiasm while they play; it also helps create lasting relationships with teammates and opponents alike. It is essential to start early but never too late as practice makes perfect. So grab a ball and get the hands ready for some bouncing, the feet on point for some pivoting and shoot-shooting those shots! To further enhance development and progress towards greatness, join YFN Academy to learn more about health and fitness specifically created for your child's success.


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