Are you curious about what physical milestones your child will reach at 2, 3, and 4 years old? Keep reading to learn more about the approximate ages when children start walking, running, and climbing stairs independently. You may be surprised at how much they change in just a year!

At 2 years old, your child will learn how to walk

When your little one turns two years old, you will be amazed by the sudden burst of activity and independence that takes place in your home. Watching a child learn to walk is both awe-inspiring and humbling. It's a reminder that even the smallest person can show incredible feats of strength and determination! At this age, your little one might have difficulty taking those first steps but with practice and patience, your precious bundle of joy will soon transition from crawling to walking - sometimes with a little help from their parents.

As their walking skills improve, so does their exploratory urge, leading them to canvas the house (or even the neighborhood!) with newfound confidence. This milestone marks a true rite of passage for any toddler! Not only do they now feel more independent, but having the ability to move about freely also helps increase their physical strength. Ultimately it's an opportunity for them to eagerly express themselves and interact meaningfully with their environment - let’s just hope they remember to come back when called! To learn more about developmental milestones for your 2 year old check out

At 3 years old, your child will know how to run

At 3 years old, you will marvel at how much your child can do--literally running around the house! While it is amazing to watch them go from crawling to walking, they will take their motor skills one step further and be able to run. Not only must they now control their limbs, but also keep their balance and their speed, all while managing the coordination of their arms and legs in coordination with each other. It's no wonder that suddenly 3 year olds have so much more energy and need more sleep than before; this new skill can be tiring for all parties involved!

Teaching your toddler good running form (e.g. back straight, head lifted) may not seem like a priority when you first notice them running, but it is important for developing their physicality. As your child becomes more independent, you may start to become more lax about supervising them while they play. But they are still too young to play unsupervised, especially outside. Now is a good time to teach your child important outside play tips, such as never running into the street to catch a ball, keeping away from streets while riding a tricycle, and the basics of stranger safety.

As parents and mentors of our youngest generations, we have the responsibility to inspire our kids’ development through experiences such as encouraging self-care early on by teaching proper posture and understanding the importance of healthy habits like adequate exercise. Whether it’s pursuing a game of tag or learning how to join a race someday in the future, encourage your 3 year old kiddo to make sure they get a great start that centers on proper form and lots of fun! Click here for more information on developmental milestones for you 3 year old.

At 4 years old, your child will be able to climb stairs without help

At 4 years old, your child is taking huge strides in their development. At this age, your child should be running, hopping, throwing and kicking balls, climbing, and swinging with ease. Other movement milestones and hand and finger skills your child may achieve in the coming year include being able to: stand on one foot for more than 9 seconds. They have gone from barely able to crawl when they were 2 to now climbing the stairs with ease! With each new ability, you will be amazed at the level of self-sufficiency they will have and the amount of joy it brings them!

When your child reaches this milestone, encourage them and make sure that safety is always a priority. Teaching them how to safely use the staircase will help them understand how to handle different physical challenges as they grow up. Not only are they improving their coordination and balance by climbing stairs independently, but also becoming more confident by developing independence in something previously so challenging for them. There is no better feeling than letting your little one take another step on their life's journey towards becoming a capable and independent member of society. Check out WebMD for more information on developmental milestones.


It's amazing to see how much your child grows and develops in just a few short years. At two years old, they'll learn how to walk, at three years old they'll be running around like crazy, and before you know it they'll be climbing the stairs on their own. Just think of all the fun things you can do with your kids when they're a little older and more independent. If you want to ensure that your child is healthy and fit, consider signing them up for YFN academy. Contact us today to learn more!


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