Are you looking for a way to teach your teenager about nutrition and meal prep in an interactive and fun way? Look no further! Here is a simple workflow that will give you the tools to guide your teen in their journey of learning how to make healthy decisions with food. Our five activities are not just educational, but also inspiring and engaging. From reading nutrition labels together or cooking up nutritious dishes from scratch, you’ll have lots of opportunities to instill important values about nutrition into your child’s life. Read on for ways to bring the family together while teaching them something new - it's sure to be a memorable experience!

Create a challenge to see who can come up with the most nutritious meal plan

Looking for a fun and educational way to bond with your teenager while also helping them understand more about nutrition and meal prep? Why not challenge them to come up with the most nutritious meal plan possible for a week? It's a great way to incorporate both of your ideas, learn new recipes, and get creative in the kitchen. Plus you can teach them problem-solving skills as they weight different options against each other and figure out how to make their plan fit within everyone's preferences and dietary needs. You'll be surprised how much knowledge they can gain from this challenge!

Visit a grocery store and have your teen pick out ingredients to make a healthy dish

Learning about nutrition and meal prep doesn't have to be a boring lecture! Head out to the grocery store with your teen and let them pick out ingredients for a healthy dish they'll actually want to eat. "It's a growing trend," Chambers told the recent convention of the Institute of Food Technologists in Anaheim, Calif. "About 20 percent of major grocery shopping today is done by teenagers, and it's expected to grow to 37 percent in the next few years."

Ask your teen if they can guess the nutrient content of the items they select, or how long it will take to prepare their chosen meal. This activity is a great way to get your teen thinking critically about healthy eating, while having some quality time together. Make sure to have some fun when you're at it; seeing who can pick out the most colorful items or find the ingredient with the most interesting label on it!

Make an afternoon of prepping meals together in the kitchen

An afternoon of prepping meals together with your teenager is a great way to have some fun and bond with them, while also teaching them important skills about nutrition and meal prep. Why not dig out the aprons for you and your teen, crank up the music, and get cooking in the kitchen! Learning about different nutrition sources and creating delicious dishes with your own hands is one of the most enjoyable ways to deepen your teen's knowledge about food. You'll both also gain confidence from experimenting with flavors, spices, and ingredients - plus have something tasty to eat afterwards! During this time together you'll also be teaching your young person how to easily prepare wholesome meals independently so they can make healthier choices in the future. The good news - it doesn't need much prep or expensive ingredients – all you need is an open mind and lots of enthusiasm! Here are some meal prep ideas for your teen.

Go on a virtual tour of different foods from around the world and compare nutrition facts

Exploring different foods from around the world is a great way to teach your teenager about nutrition and meal prep. A virtual tour online can show your teen a wide variety of cultures' dishes, from ancient tom yum soup recipes in Thailand to traditional butter chicken dishes in India. Comparing the nutrition facts between these international favorites will also give your teenager an idea of how various dishes fit into their diet, as well as how particular ingredients can affect health and wellness. Encourage your teen to go on this global journey with you to learn more about the culinary and culture diversity we have across the planet! Here is a website you can join to check out food from around the world with your teen and family and get to try new recipes.

Take a field trip to local farmers' markets and talk to vendors about their growing practices

Taking a field trip to your local farmers market is a fun, family-friendly activity that can turn meal prep into an educational adventure and inspire your teenager to try new flavors. Talk to the vendors and learn more about their growing and harvesting practices, from organic farms to local fisheries. Encourage your teenager to taste the fresh produce – what better way to learn about nutrition than by exploring all the vibrant colors, tastes, shapes and textures of ingredients that are available? Ask questions so you both understand where your food comes from and chat with other shoppers for insights on recipes and meal prep ideas that they have tried before. Make it an unforgettable experience! Check out Hartford Food System to read about teen research about teens visiting farmers' markets.


Meal-prepping and learning about nutrition with your teenager can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you! Not only will you learn how to make healthier choices, but also create lasting memories. From creating challenges to taking virtual tours and field trips to farmers markets; it is clear that there are many activities you can do to ensure you are giving the best nutritional advice for your teen. And don’t forget the importance of setting a good example by making healthy meals for yourself as well. Last but not least, consider joining YFN’s academy to keep up with the latest in health and fitness tips tailored towards parents and their kids! Learning about nutrition together with your young teen has never been more enjoyable so get out there and explore creative ways you can incorporate meal-prep into your weekly routine.


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