Gone are the days when trying to get our children off the couch and actively engaged was an uphill battle. With today's technology, parents can kickstart their families into living a more active lifestyle with fun games that will stimulate motor skills and creativity. Whether up in the mountains or at home, here are 5 creative games for your toddler that will keep them physically active, and entertained and inspire a healthy future!

Have a Teddy Bear March

Get creative and have some fun with your little ones! You can make a teddy bear march to get your toddlers up and active. Have your toddler take old clothes and stuff them to create the cutest stuffed animals before creating a parade around the house. Put on some music and lead their teddy bear friends on an exciting imaginary tour throughout the living room, kitchen, hallway and any other space you want them explore. Not only is this a great way for toddlers to be physically active, but it also encourages creativity by allowing them to make their own furry friends. So grab some fabric and see all the amazing stories your toddlers will come up with!

Create an Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course for your toddler can be an imaginative and fun way to get them moving. With a few household items, like pillows, blankets, chairs or even toys, you can put together a unique and special course that will keep your toddler bouncing and crawling around for hours. Not only is it physically stimulating for toddlers, but it also encourages critical thinking as they find their way from start to finish as fast as possible. Making the courses challenging but achievable will also give them a sense of reward as they complete it successfully! So why not let your little ones tackle an obstacle course with their friends? It'll surely provide a lot of giggles - when they manage to overcome those obstacles together. If want to learn more about creating an obstacle course for your toddler check out Parents.

Follow the Leader

Get your toddlers moving with the classic game of Follow the Leader! Following each other around the house and pretending to be different animals is a great way to get kids thinking creatively and excited about exercising. Both you and your toddler will have fun pretending to be monkeys, cats, dinosaurs or whichever animal you choose! This activity will not only keep them active, it will also help build their motor skills and coordination. Start this game off right by setting a good example by leading first: show them the best way to crawl like a dinosaur or strut like a cat! If you want more ideas on how to make follow the leader fun and excited, click here.

Color Hopscotch

Color hopscotch is a creative and fun family game that helps keep toddlers physically active! By drawing a colorful hopscotch board with different colored chalk, you can provide your children with an educational and engaging way to stay moving. Have them toss different colored bean bags or rocks onto the squares as they move from one to another for even more excitement! It's the perfect game for encouraging their physical activity, making it both fun and beneficial. Get hopping and start having fun with color hopscotch today!

Balloon Dance Party

What better way to keep toddlers physically active than with a balloon dance party? This creative game will ensure that your little one is having as much fun as they are being active. Turn on some tunes and fill up some colorful balloons, then hand them over to your toddler to begin the boogie session! Encourage them to kick, throw, or stomp on the balloons as part of their ebullient dance routine - it's not only fun, but makes kids feel powerful and energized! Let your kid take the lead and help them stay physically fit with this upbeat activity. Here are more ways to exercise and have fun with balloons.


Keep your toddler physically active and having fun with these five creative, kid-friendly games. Not only are these activities a great way to bond and spend meaningful time together, it's also reassuring for parents to know that their kiddo is getting the exercise they need to stay healthy. Giving toddlers an outlet for physical movement is an integral part of raising a strong and prosperous youngin! With these five creative activities, you can rest assured that your child is having a blast while staying active. Remember: keep it playful and make it fun – no one ever said exercise can’t be enjoyable! For parents who want more detailed tips on health and fitness tips for their children, join YFN academy – we provide guidance specifically tailored towards young family health and wellbeing. Let’s get moving!


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