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Public schools lack in educating the motivation of health, fitness, and nutrition at an early age. Our goal is to help kids form good habits while they're still young. By the time students seriously learn about health in High School it is already too late.

80% of children are not meeting the daily physical activity requirement

Students will learn, explore, and practice lessons that will improve their overall health, including eating the right foods and being active outdoors. We provide assignments that expand student's thoughts about health and how it can raise their quality of life in the long term.

Lifetime medical cost for child obesity

YFN Academy students are tasked to move actively and ergonomically in order to improve their physical attributes. Our curriculums are centered towards youth fitness training while also learning the significance of fitness.

Children reporting back pain

Children who chase a healthier lifestyle will have significant improvements in cognitive function, thus performing better academically. Our courses boost their cognitive ability to a greater extent as well as brain activity.

Active VS Resting cognitive function

The path to better health also comes hand in hand to our immune system. YFN Academy practices techniques to boost children's immune system. One of the benefits of increasing immunity is to resist colds, flus, and viruses like the COVID-19.

Immune System Benefits During Fitness

Students will transition to be athletic at an earlier age after completing our courses successfully. The studying materials are made for kids to become athletes as they grow into adults, giving them a higher probability to be paid professional athletes.

2.6 Million fewer kids are playing sports in the past 5 years

The more informed a person is about fitness and nutrition makes them more likely to have smarter decision making skills. The sooner we allow our kids to form these habits will open them up for better opportunities by teaching what's right and wrong.

Weight gain due to lack of educationCorrelation between obesity and education

We teach students to be responsible for their own health. Children are taught to have meaning in their life by having full autonomy of their physicality. If we allow children to be knowledgeable about their bodies, they'll be more conscious of their actions.

2.6 Million fewer kids are playing sports in the past 5 years

Public schools only teach basic health wellness without the sense of motivating kids to move and eat healthy. Not only does our academy promote fitness, nutrition, and wellness, but we also encourage it. We solved ways to incentivize children to live healthy!

Less than 1/3 of schools provide motivation to fitness and nutrition

The data shows active lifestyle amongst kids also correlate with happiness. While we all strive for happiness, fitness is one of the factors that help increase it. Our academy help increase happiness with kids because of the fitness resources we provide for them.

happiness related to active lifestyle statistic

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